75 High-quality Courses have been selected for the Smart Education of National Higher Education Platform, Ranking the First Among Higher Vocational Colleges in China
2022-05-03 09:00  

75 Courses have been Selected, Ranking the First among Higher Vocational Colleges in China

Running Situation of “Clothing Color Collocation” Instructed by Deputy President Qiao Lu

Running Situation of “Watching American Movie, Learning Oral English” Instructed by Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee Zhao Jing

Running Situation of “Situation and Policy” Instructed by Secretary of Party Committee Wang Jinsheng

Recently, Qingdao Technical College officially put the National Smart Education Platform officially into operation. The Smart Education Platform of National Higher Education is the largest and most comprehensive curriculum globally. The first batch of 20,000 online courses is selected from 50,000 courses built by 1,800 universities, covering 13 disciplines and 92 professional categories. One thousand nine hundred forty-five high-quality courses from 311 higher vocational colleges have been registered. Among them, 75 classes of our college have been selected, ranking first among national vocational colleges. Furthermore, perspectives coming from several students taking courses, there are 67 courses with more than 50,000 students, among which seven courses are running by our college. More than 200,000 students have been selected in courses such as “Clothing Color Collocation,” “Watching American Movie, Learning Oral English,” and “Situation and Policy”.

Instructed by Deputy President Qiao Lu, Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee Zhao Jing, and Secretary of Party Committee Wang Jinsheng, respectively, popular with students.

In recent years, our college has adhered to moral cultivation, deepened curriculum reform, built an information-based curriculum system, and vigorously promoted the construction of a smart classroom. As a result, all the information-based courses have been put into operation, contributing to the construction of vocational education heights by the ministry and the province and a national digital education resource system.

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