Seminar on Teaching Method Reform of Vocational Education between China and New Zealand and Opening Ceremony of the Fourth New Zealand Culture Week was Held in QTC
2019-10-24 09:35  

On October 16th, the “Seminar on teaching method reform of Vocational Education between China and New Zealand and opening ceremony of the Fourth New Zealand culture week”was held in the comprehensive training building of Qingdao Technical College.The seminar was hosted by Wang Yuanyuan and Peter Orchards. Six speakers of New Zealand and more than 60 teachers and scholars from 14 institutions attended the conference.

Vice President Kong Xiansi made an opening speech. He warmly welcomed the guests at home and abroad, speaking highly of the cooperation process between the two institutes. He also affirmed many achievements made by both parties in exchange and cooperation and made a best wish to the seminar.

At the seminar, six New Zealand teachers who won the New Zealand  “Teaching Excellence Award” and six Chinese outstanding teachers made excellent speeches. The contents of the speeches covered the highlights on education like the cultivation of inquiry learning ability based on learner, the role of authentic evaluation in improving students' learning ability, the mixed learning under the background of transformation and etc. Combined with their teaching practice and academic research, the speakers shared many successful experiences and research results with the participants and answered the questions raised by the guests in detail. Experts and teachers at the meeting said that the seminar is of positive significance in building a platform for exchanges between China and New Zealand, improving education and teaching methods and promoting the level of talent training.

translated by Shi Lei

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