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Representatives of Mannheim Municipal Government, Germany visited QTC
2018-09-07 14:29  
The Meeting

German students experienced Chinese traditional food cooking

Sino-German student exchange

On August 8th, Andrea Safferling, Commissioner of Mannheim Municipal Government, Germany, and Isabel Fienhold, Deputy director of European and International Affairs Office of Mannheim Municipal Government visited QTC with the accompany of  Ms. Wang Danting who representing the Qingdao Foreign Affairs office. President Qin Chuan received the visiting guests, and Cui Xiuguang, Principal of the Vocational Secondary School of Development Area, as well as the relevant officials of International Exchange and Cooperation Department and Haier Institute accompanied the reception.

Qin Chuan introduced the foreign cooperation and exchanges of QTC to the guests, highlighted the achievements of the college's cooperation with Germany and expressed the hope to further promote cultural and academic exchanges with universities in Mannheim by using the Qingdao-Mannheim sister city platform. Ms. Andrea Safferling expressed her gratitude to QTC for its warm reception and also for the cooperation between QTC and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. She said that the Mannheim Municipal Government had made a commitment to building a bridge of educational cooperation between the two cities, and she was very willing to provide help for the exchange and cooperation between QTC and German universities.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the college's Mechanical and Electrical professional training base and communicated with students from China and Germany who were participating in the training. The German guests and students also personally experienced the cooking of traditional Chinese food.


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