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Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, German visited QTC
2018-09-07 14:22  

Wang Jinsheng, General Secretary of the Party Committee presented a gift to the guest

The Meeting

Group photo

On July 27th, Dr. Ingeborg Schramm-Wölk, President of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, visited QTC with his delegation for the meeting. Wang Jinsheng, General Secretary of the Party Committee, and Xue Yuping, Vice-President met with the visitors. Relevant officials of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the School-Enterprise Cooperation Office and the Haier Insititute attended the meeting.

The German guests first visited the campus and expressed their appreciation for the Mechanical and Electrical profession, Robotics practical training and the international cultural atmosphere of QTC. During the meeting, Wang Jinsheng and Ingeborg Schramm-Wölk introduced their schools’ regimen respectively. The two parties exchanged views on teacher-student exchanges, teacher training, and school-enterprise cooperation and reached an agreement on further consultation and cooperation.

Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences is a public university with more than 13,000 students and 65 undergraduate and postgraduate majors. It is one of the three German universities that have been short-listed for the technical support of "IT OWL" the German Industry 4.0 federal-level intelligent manufacturing research and development base. The President Ingeborg Schramm-Wölk was invited by Sun Yao, the Chinese Vice Minister of Education to pay a return visit, and dropped by our college on the recommendation of Deng Yunfeng, the Secretary of Party Committee and Director of Provincial Education Department, to organize deeper cooperation between German dual system education and China higher vocational education.


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