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Headmaster of Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg visited QTC
2018-01-30 12:55  

  WANG Jinsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee Met with President   Georg Nagler

January 18thto 19th, 2018, Dr Georg Nagler, President of Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttembergvisited QTC. Deng Yunfeng, Member of Qingdao Standing Committee, Secretary ofWorking Committee of Higher Education Institution, Chief of Municipality Bureauof Education and Wang Jinsheng, Secretary the Party Committee of QTC, met DrGeorg Nagler. Prof. Qin Chuan, President of QTC, Xue Yuping, Vice president ofQTC, and Directors of International Office, Educational Administration Officeand Personnel Department attended the Meeting.          

Deng Yunfeng appreciatedthe cooperation of the two institutes and hoped they could take the platformand opportunity of Qingdao “National Vocational Education Reform Experimental Area”to jointly constitute China-Germany Cooperation Project with the support ofProvincial and Municipal Education Departments.          

Wang JInsheng welcomedDr Georg Nagler on behalf of QTC. He stated that teachers’ training andexchanges between two institutes made good foundation for further cooperationand the two institutes should deepen cooperation based on this, explore to jointlydevelop co-operating institution with the “School+Enterprise +Government” Mode, introduce German quality educationresources, and jointly train skilled talents which meet requirements of bothChinese and German Companies. Georg Nagler agreed withthese suggestions. He suggested that the two parties could cooperated withGerman companies in Qingdao to develop the training mode of students’employment and in-service staffs’ training and take the advantage of theSister-City relationship between Qingdao and Mannheim to jointly holdChina-Germany Vocational Education Week and forum, and drive the Chinese-Germancooperation of higher vocational colleges to hold professional skills competition.The two parties exchanged opinions on deepening their cooperation and improvingthe international influence of two institutes.          

On 19th, GeorgNagler visited Haier industrial intelligence institute in Sino-German Eco Parkwith the introduction of QTC Haier School.          

DualeHochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg locates in Stuttgart, capital ofBaden-Württemberg. It is the first dual system vocational college in German toclosely integrate theory with practice. In August 2014, QTC and DualeHochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg signed Memorandum of Understanding with thesupport of Qingdao Government to conduct research cooperation in areas ofcommon concern. During these three years, leaders of both sides have exchangedvisits a couple of times. 12 QTC teachers have obtained the fund of StateAdministration of Foreign Experts Affairs to attend mid-long term training inthis institute.


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