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Dr. ZHANGXingquan, Senior Consultant of UN-HABITAT is Hired as Counselor by QTC
2018-01-12 14:05  

QIN Chuan awarded ZHANG Xingquan letter of appointment

On10th, January, appointment ceremony for Dr. ZHANG Xingquan, SeniorConsultant of UN-HABITAT was held at Qingdao Technical College. President QinChuan, YANG Xuanping, Senior Consultant of Qingjian Group Co., Ltd, Kenya Branch, YANG Bo, GeneralManager of Qingjian Group Co., Ltd, Kenya Branch and other representatives fromrelevant departments attended the ceremony. LIU Jiamin, Deputy Secretary ofParty Committee hosted the ceremony.

Atthe ceremony, LIU Jiamin briefed the basic information and academicachievements of ZHANG Xingquan and announced the appointment decision. QINChuan awarded ZHANG Xingquan letter of appointment and introduced currentinternational cooperation and exchanges of QTC under the background of buildingNational Exemplary and High Quality Higher Vocational Colleges. He stated that,with the help of local regional advantages and the international influence of CounselorZHANG, QTC will integrate resources to promote international academic exchangesand make contribute to local economic and social development. Also, in responseto Belt and Road initiative, along with Qingjian Group, QTC will take a servicerole to push the going-out strategy and to train local Africa skilled talents.ZHANG Xingquan expressed his gratitude of his appointment and highly appreciatedthe performance of international cooperation and exchanges of QTC. He pointedout that vocational education is the important power of Belt and Roadinitiative and he will provide all-around support and help on incoming andoutgoing of projects, talents and curriculum standards. In the meantime, heintended to promote the construction of oversea training base to realize thesignificant strides of QTC international cooperation and exchanges.

OnNovember, 2017, during the visit of President QIN Chuan delegation in Kenya,Dr. ZHANG Xinquan, who was working with UN-HABITAT negotiated to promoteChina-Africa education cooperation and exchanges and how vocational educationserve Belt and Road initiative. Also, they talked about the counselorappointment issue and exchanged the ideas on international idea bank for QTCreform and development.


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