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Trustee Board of QCC of QTC Formed
2017-10-16 12:59 Wu Yuxuan 


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On September 29th, the QingjianCompany College (hereafter QCC) of QTC held the inauguralmeeting and the first working meeting of Trustee Board of QCC in the conferenceroom in Training Building on the south campus of QTC. Mr. Wang Jinsheng,Secretary of the Party Committee of QTC, Prof. Qin Chuan, President of QTC, Mr.Xue Yuping, Vice President of QTC, Mr. Li Zhouxue, Chairman of CNQC, Mr. LiuHongyan, CEO of CNQC, Mr. Bao Zhichen, Secretaryof the Party Committee of Qingdao Construction Engineering SpecializedSecondary School, Ms. Yaoying, Executive President of Qingdao ConstructionEngineering Specialized Secondary School presented the meeting.  Directorof Organization Department, School-Enterprise Cooperation Office, and TrainingCollege of QTC attended the meeting.

The mixed ownership QCC wasestablished on January 17th, 2017.  In thisspring semester, after several rounds of negation and docking, thethree parties formulatedQCCStatutes, based on modern property regime, school system, and QTCStatutes, and defined the operation system of QCC.

Prof. Qin hosted the first roundof the meeting. Mr. Sun read the list of trustees: Qin Chuan, Chairman, BaoZhichen, Vice Chairman, Yue Yuping, Liu Hongyan, Zhao Yue, Liubo, and Yao Ying,Trustee. These trustees signed and ratified QCCStatutes.

Secretary Wang expressed congratulationsto the inauguration of Trustee Board of QCC. He pointed out that the mixedownership is an innovation of thetechnical college running system and QCCshould be run well and effectively. OCC should take advantages of the threeparties, serve the "Belt and Road" policy and international market,and work well on overseas training, specialist construction, and enrolmentwork.

As the first Chairman of QCC,Prof. Qin declared that Trustee Board of QCC will earnestly perform theirduties discharged by the QCCStatutes,implement the work requirements of the Party Committee, strive to explore themechanism of mixed ownership, and promote the work of the Technical EducationGroup.

After the inauguralmeeting, Mr. Xue held the first working meeting of Trustee Board of QCC. TrusteeBoard of QCC appointed Ms. Yao as President of OCC based on QCCStatutes and listened to the briefing of Vice Presidents candidates.Trustee Board also focusedon the previous progress of the training work in Pakistan and the joint programwith Singapore.

(Translated by Wu Yuxuan)

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