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Delegation from Dubai Duwaya Investment Group Visiting QTC
2017-04-21 15:54  

Four guests from Dubai including Chairman , Mr. Abdulhamid      Duwaya ,Duwaya Investment Group ,his assistant,Aisha Ma Ling , Wang Weihuan, chairman of Sino Trust International Group came to visit QTC on April. 13th.

Party representative of QTC Mr. Wang Jinsheng welcomed the guests in the administration building and he said this visit is the practical beginning in the guide of “One Belt and One Road” proposed by President Xi. Mr. Wang said China and Dubai share similar culture and that can lay a good foundation for the cooperation between the two countries. Mr.Abdulhamid Duwaya said China has long and rich civilization of 5000 years and there is precious ideology and culture for Dubai to learn from. After the traning base is established in Dubai, local people in Dubai will learn more about China and Chinese culture. He said that he would try his best to promote the development of bilateral education.

Principal Qin Chuan also met guests and talked with guests about the details of our cooperation. He talked about the students working in Dubai, launching of overseas tourism training base and establishing the overseas training base. Abdulhamid Duwaya said that Chinese is the third important language after Arabic and English. The Dubai government is intended to add Chinese into the teaching syllabus in local schools from primary to senior high school. Our cooperation will become a pilot project in Sino-Arabic cooperative program.

Principal Qin Chuan had the afternoon tea with the guests in T-garden in the afternoon. The guests also held a lecture about Dubai tourism to the students of tourism school. Then the delegation interviewed 10 students who had the intention of working in Dubai.

(Translated by Shi Lei)


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