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“Sino-Britain Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration Base” Is Co-Built by Qingdao Technical College and British National Innovation Education Center
2017-03-24 10:25  


Signing Agreement Ceromony


President Qin Delivering a Speech


Chris Brown Delivering a Speech


After Signing Agreement


Opening Ceremony for Sino-BritainInnovation and Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration Base


Photo Together for Moment Marking

On the afternoon of January 13th, the opening ceremony of the“Sino-Britain Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education DemonstrationBase  ”was held in Qingdao Technical College. The CEO of British NationalEntrepreneurship Education Center (NCEE) Committee(China), Xiaoyu Wang,Executive Committee member Chris Brown, General Director Jia Ma, PresidentChuan Qin of Qingdao Technical College, Vice Presidents Yuping Xue and XiansiKong , key leaders from different departments of QTC , all attended the openingceremony.

At the ceremony, vice-president Xiansi Kong addressed a speech as QTC representative. He introducedthe background, achievements, future working plans and the grounds andsignificance to co-build the “Sino-Britain Innovation & EntrepreneurshipDemonstration Base”. Mr. Xiaoyu Wang and Chris Brown delivered a speech asrepresentative of NCEE(China).

At the ceremony, PresidentQin and Mr. Xiaoyu Wang, as representative from both sides signed theConstruction Agreement of Sino-Britain Innovation & EntrepreneurshipDemonstration Base  and the Agreement for Innovation &Entrepreneurship Faculty Cooperation. President Qin, Mr. Xiaoyu Wang, VicePresident Yuping Xue and Mr. Chris Brown declared the opening of the Base.

British National Centre for Entrepreneurshipin Education (NCEE), established in 2004, is a national government organizationsupported by British Education Department. It has initiated cooperation withmany famous institutions both at home and abroad. The base co-built withQingdao Technical College is the first innovation & entrepreneurshipdemonstration base.

                                                       (Translated by Guimei Liu)


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