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QTC Won ERASMUS+ European Scholarship Funding Students to Study Abroad
2017-03-24 10:23  

Latest news came that Qingdao Technical College won ERASMUS+ European Full Scholarship funding 3 students to study abroad in Istanbul Culture University, Turkey. On January 11th, President Qin held a seeing off party for the 3 funded students. President Qin compared the three students, to seeds of friendship between two institutions and two countries. He not only told the three students to respect the local culture, obey the local laws and regulations, but also hoped that they deliver our QTC students’ high quality as representatives of our college’s education and culture.  

ERASMUS+ Scholarship Program is the highest level of scholarship offered by European Union to students from outside Europe, which can cover all the cost for a student studying abroad for one semester including tuition, international transport and accommodations. Qingdao Technical College and Istanbul Culture University agreed to apply jointly for ERASMUS+ Scholarship Program during President Qin’s visit to Istanbul Cultural University in 2015, aiming to promote cultural and education communication between two countries.  Under the joint efforts of both sides, the two institutions signed successfully a joint application form in the major fields of business management and information technology, and was approved by European Union. Those three students were elected through very serious procedures.  

Translated by Liu Guimei


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