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QTC Has Been Elected as Deputy Director Unit
2016-12-23 09:00  


      Founding conference of InternationalCooperation and Exchanges Committee (ICEC) of National Vocational Technical EducationAssociation (NVTEA) was held at Fuzhou, Fujian Province, on 11th, December. 300representatives from 124 higher and secondary vocational schools andinstitutions have attended the conference. As one of the NVTEA members andrepresentative of QTC, President Qin attended the conference.

Representatives have deliberated andapproved ICEC regulations. Director, deputy directors, secretaries, managingdirectors and council members were elected. Liu Zhanshan, managingvice-chairman, secretary of NVTEA and Liu Hongjie, director of comprehensivedepartment of vocational and adult education department of ministry ofeducation have attended the conference and delivered speeches. President Qinhas been elected as deputy director of the general council and, authorized bythe conference, has hosted the first meeting of the first general council.

ICEC is the 34th branch institution ofNVTEA which is voluntarily constituted by institutions, experts and scholarsthat specialized in theoretical research and practice of internationalcooperation and exchanges on vocational education. ICEC is a noncommercialsocial organization and a mass academic group, which carries out professionalinternational academic exchanges and cooperation research and education, servesfor the development and macro decision-making of national vocational educationand serves for the development of industries and enterprises as well asvocational colleges. ICEC promotes international cooperation and exchanges ofnational vocational education and the international influence andcompetitiveness of national vocational education as well.

(Translated by Feng Ying)


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