Qingdao Technical Museum

   Approved and invested 20 million RMB by the municipal government in December, 2006, Qingdao Technical College Practical Training and Technical Museum (also Qingdao Technical Museum, QTM) highlights its functions of exhibition and practical training. QTM, as a national exemplary building project, opens to social communities in terms of cultural and quality-oriented education, technological training, professional skills appraisal, applied technology research and development, and industrial heritage salvage. Up to now, over 7 000 articles in various forms have been collected in the museum, the typical treasures of which are steam engine made in 1964, Czech-made steam turbine electric generating set, China’s first cement predecomposing kiln production line, and the drill core of 5 000 meter underground.

   With 13 specialized sections including Artificial Technology, History, Mechanics and Electronics, Household Appliance and Tourism etc, QTM has received more than 7 000 people from home and abroad.

   For a free tour during weekdays, please contact QTM at 0532-86105339/ 5540/5500.

   An incomplete list of the articles collected in QTM (updated to June, 2010):

1. Steam Locomotive
2. railway light signal
3. portable train signal lamp
4. manual loom (over a history of 200 years)
5. double winder (made in Japan in 1938)
6. charcoal fire iron
7. flat-iron
8. giant elbow pipe
9. old style clock (made in 1920-30s in China)
10. navigation clock
11. experimental refrigeration unit for theory training and repairs
12. wooden case absorption refrigerator (without compressor inside)
13. manual slide projector
14. slide projector with projection screen
15. portable film projector (made in 1960)
16. foldable camera (Model 203, Sealgull brand)
17. old styled camera
18. hand computer
19. Taiji small-sized computer
20. old styled typewriter
21. dish-shaped tape
22. old styled mimeograph
23. high speed copying machine
24. English typewriter
25. Chinese and English typewriter
26. telex typewriter
27. hand telephone
28. military portable magnet telephone
29. phonograph
30. the plate-shaped recorder

31. opening-tape recorder
32. tin wine pot
33. brown earth pot
34. kerosene lamp
35. lamp
36. wooden cask
37. drill barro
38. stone roller
39. wheelbarrow
40. haycutter
41. windlass
42. millstone
43. stoneroller
44. sawing machine
45. belt-driven bench drill
46. lathe (15th year of Japanese Showa Era)
47. bicycle dynamo
48. copper blowtorch
49. waxing machine
50. numerical control lathe
51. gully lid (made by Germany)
52. F-6 scout fighter
53. train carriage
54. caboose
55. cylinder liner
56. punch

57. giant gear
58. heat exchanger
59. silencer
60. water chestnut shape sugar coating machine
61. high pressure oil-minimum breaker
62. automatic air switch
63. manual telephone exchange
64. large vertical camera
65. cello
66. stone piano
67. military bayonets (used in World War One)

68. the first cement decomposing kiln



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