Greatly supported by both the local municipal government agencies and its alumni, QTC officially founded its Alumni Association (AA) on May 29th 2011.

QTC’s alumni have included all its graduates, trainees and retired staff as well as the ones of the former Qingdao Workers University , and Qingdao Education College . Up to now, four overseas alumni associations have been founded respectively in France , Singapore , Korea and Japan .

  By virtue of AA, QTC alumni could build up an exchanging network, involving academic research, technology development, consultation as well as some cultural and sports activities. Thus, not only can the connection between and among the alumni be enhanced, but the fine tradition of the college will be more developed as well.

   This year will be the 60th anniversary of QTC. Here we honorably invite all the overseas alumni, partners and friends to enjoy our joyous celebration. To see what is going on for the 60th anniversary, click here!

Click here to find QTC alumni in France .



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