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International Students

Qingdao Technical College has begun teaching Chinese as a foreign language since July 2001. We have qualification of receiving foreign students and an excellent teaching staff with rich teaching experience. We have received more than 1200 foreign students from various countries, such as South Korea, Japan, America, Canada, Holland, Russia and so on till now. QTC has established friendly cooperative relationship with more than 70 foreign colleges and institutions like Yeungjin College of Korea, Waikato Institute of Technology, Waiariki Institute of Technology.

1. Brief introduction of Chinese teaching as a foreign language in QTC

(1) Basic Chinese language learning project:improve Chinese communicative capacity quickly and get the HSK certificate.

Learning period:4 months, 24 class hours/week
Learning methods: lecture,discussion,role play, language practice(visiting tour, making friends with Chinese students, visiting Chinese families, attending spoken Chinese competition and club activities, visiting the star hotels, travel agencies and companies, as well as getting practical working experience there.

Course arrangement: Chinese grammar, listening and speaking, reading, writing, Chinese culture and HSK courses .

Twice free visits to the city of Qingdao or the scenic spots nearby.
Group of over 10 people is acceptable, details such as time, courses and travel route could be negotiable.

(2) Pre-career Business Chinese Program----improve communicative capacity of business Chinese and get job opportunity

Learning period: 2-4months, 24class hours/week
Learning methods: lecturing, discussion, guidance of interview skills, Resume writing, company affair practice.
Course arrangement: Business Chinese, Etiquette,listening and speaking, hsk courses and Chinese culture,etc.
Recommend overseas students for the posts in the companies of Qingdao.
Group of over 10 people is acceptable,details such as time and courses could be negotiable.

(3) Sight-seeing & Chinese language learning yoosure project

Chinese language learning yoosure project—— folk culture & places of interest experiencing

Learning Period: one to two weeks
Course arrangement: sightseeing Chinese
Learning methods: Chinese learning, lectures and sightseeing tour.
Group of over 10 people is acceptable, time, program and sightseeing destinations are negotiable.

Confucious hometown and Qingdao Sightseeing program (one week)
Day1 and 2: Chinese language learning (morning) / Chinese folk culture ( calligraphy, paper cutting, folk song, Shadow Boxing, etc.) workshop (afternoon)
Day 3: folk culture visiting (one day tour in Qingdao)

Day 4 and 5: Chinese language learning (morning) / Chinese culture workshop (afternoon)
Day 6 and 7: Chinese culture experiencing ( two days tour to Qufu--the hometown of Confucius)

Beijing and Qingdao Yoosure program(two weeks)
Day 1 to Day 4
: Chinese language learning (morning) / Chinese folk culture ( calligraphy, paper cutting, folk song, Shadow Boxing, etc.) workshop (afternoon)
Day 5 to Day 6: folk culture visiting (two days tour in Qingdao)
Day 7 to Day 10: Chinese language learning (morning) / Chinese culture workshop (afternoon)
Day 11 to day 14: Chinese culture experiencing ( four days tour in Beijing including Beijing Opera watching, Beijing lane experiencing and the Great wall sightseeing)

Summer and winter camping— improving Chinese language listening and speaking and  experiencing living in China

Learning Period: 3 to 4 weeks with 15-20 hours per week
Learning methods: Chinese language learning, culture workshop, sightseeing tours, Chinese family visiting, shopping, enterprises visiting, Chinese friends making, etc.
Course arrangement: Chinese language listening and speaking, Chinese culture workshop.
Two tours to Qufu (Confucius hometown), Beijing or Shanghai are available.
Group of over10people is acceptable, Time, program and sightseeing destinations are negotiable.

2. Living conditions of overseas students

Guests house has single rooms and double rooms, and every room is equipped with refrigerator, water heater, air conditioner, telephone, TV, water dispenser, and so on. We offer public kitchen and laundry in Guest House. In addition to this, a convenient library, self-study rooms, dining halls, supermarkets,a post office, a coffee garden, a playground and a communication business hall are also available.

3. Completion of schooling

Students will be awarded “Qingdao Technical College Overseas Students Chinese Study Certificate” upon their successful completion of Chinese study.



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